Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Logitech Harmony 900 Remote

Logitech Harmony Remotes is a great consumer Programmable Remote Control.    Price $479 can.

-To program, you need to connect to your PC or Mac®. Tell them the Model and Make of the devices you want to program, ( DVD Toshiba BDX2100 etc.). Their on-line software will guide you through programming the remote, to control all your devices.
Their Software support over 5,000 brands and 225,000 devices, and grows every day.

-Press one button ( Watch a DVD ), full-colour touchscreen that would signal the remote to
-turn on the TV, to a specific input HDMI 1
-turn on the DVD player
-turn on your Audio/Video Receiver, to a specific source, BR/DVD
-Volume will be controlled by the A/V Receiver and not the TV
-Press Play on the remote and your watching  your movie.
One Button, One remote did all that. If you did not have a programmable remote, you would need 3 remotes to do all those steps.

Harmony 900 Remote RF technology lets you control devices, even through cabinet doors.

You can hide your devices, in a cabinet or a different room.* (* up to 100 feet away and depending on the structure of the cabinet or walls of the building*)

-One of the best feature is the base station, charge up the batteries. No more buying batteries.

The Harmony 900 Remote can program your whole Home Entertainment System, and they have tech support if you run into problems.

Written By HiFi

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